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Harrows Darts

Harrows Darts – Trading from our shop in Worksop, and online, at, we have over 16 years of retail experience through Sportpower Limited. You are guaranteed to receive high quality products, plus a first-rate customer service. We supply an array of leading darts brands, such as Harrows, Target, Unicorn, and Winmau, so you know you’re getting the same quality products you would expect, and at affordable prices.

We have an extensive range of Harrows Darts, as a leading brand with over 42 years of experience making darts. They can be found in over 100 countries over the world, with all aspects of design, production and distribution controlled from their headquarters in England.

Darts are available using 80-95% tungsten and in a variety of up to seven different weights. Additionally, there is an option that is a massive 97% tungsten, which in its purest form takes on the chemical name Wolfram.

For extra grip, many products feature either a unique rubber or have blue/black titanium nitride non-slip properties. Some designs also feature 100-micron flights for aerodynamic perfection. Many are match weighted to o +/- 0.05 grams and feature a wide range of designs to suit your style preferences.