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XQ Max Flights

XQ Max Flights

Our XQ Max flights come to us from Michael Van Gerwen, the World number one darts player and Grand Slam champion, meaning these dart flights have a professional design. We have a range of MVG dart flights available at

Our standard QX Max flights come in black with either a silver or bronze detail design, or a bright green background with black detailing. They feature the MVG name and XQ Max Darts branding. These are extra thick and are 100 microns, weighing 0.1kg. There’s also the option with silver and bronze to have an extra star detail on the design.

We offer two designs that feature the MVG signature, in either black with green text, or a contrasting luminous green with black text. These autographed designs again come in an extra thick 100 microns and also weigh 0.1kg. We also have a ‘Mighty Mike’ design, following the same specifications, a smaller logo, and ‘Master Darts’ additional detail.

Lastly, we provide the XQ Max Michael Van Gerwen World Champion Flight Kit. This option includes five unique sets of the different dart flights, with various combinations of gold, silver, black, and white colours for a true champion feel.

To find out more about this range of dart flights, you can contact us by emailing Alternatively, you can call us for expert advice on 033312 180 180. A member of the team will be pleased to assist you with any questions you may have for us.

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