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Bulls Ballista 21g Steel Tip Darts

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Bulls Ballista 21g Steel Tip Darts

Bulls Ballista 21g Steel Tip Darts – The Ballista is the fine beginner’s dart for every ambitious dart player.

The modern look of the darts is emphasized above all by the transparent shaft with air bubble inclusions. The barrel, as the most important factor of the darts, is made of noble silver. The BULL’S logo was also engraved on the barrel, as well as four blue rings that were matched to the colours of the shaft and the flight.

The pronounced grip of the barrel increases the stability of the cast. The dart has been balanced so that the centre of gravity of the dart is in the middle of the barrel. The poly shaft including the aluminium ring weighs 1.2g and is exactly 48mm long. The ballista is completed with a blue Metrixx flight in the standard A-shape. This flight form offers an extra large area of ​​47,033 square centimetres. The thickness of the flight is 150 microns, resulting in a flight weight of 0.7g.

The Ballista is available as a steel dart in weights of 21g, 23g and 25g.


  • 70% Tungsten Barrels
  • Blue Metrixx 150 Micron Flights

Available weights:

  • 21G Length: 49.00mm Width: 6.90mm
  • 23G Length: 50.00mm Width: 7.00mm
  • 25G Length: 52.00mm Width: 7.10mm

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