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Datadart Jocky Wilson 95% 24g Steel Tip Darts

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Datadart Jocky Wilson 95% 24g Steel Tip Darts

Datadart Jocky Wilson 95% 24g Steel Tip Darts – The Datadart Jocky 95% Steel dart is a fitting tribute to a true great.

The Jocky 95% is a precision made, 95% tungsten electro plated dart, the rings, stop-start grooves and straight barrel are reminiscent of the ever popular original Jocky dart. The grooves provide a great grip for most throwing styles, which when partnered with the fresh look, create a dart that is pleasing to the eye as well as the hand.

“The ‘Wee Man’s’ ability was incredible, a more natural dart player you could not find. But it was Jocky’s nature away from the oche that has forever endeared him to the hearts of the British public. The fact that Jocky was one of the most recognized dart figures ever, even after he retired from the game proves that Jocky Wilson was and always will be a sporting LEGEND.”


  • 95% 20g – Length 48.60mm Width 5.90mm
  • 95% 22g – Length 48.60mm Width 6.20mm
  • 95% 24g – Length 48.60mm Width 6.50mm
  • 95% 26g – Length 48.60mm Width 6.70mm
  • 95% 28g – Length 48.60mm Width 6.90mm

In the box: 3 barrels, 3 Datadart Signature nylon stems with Jocky rings, 3 100 Micron Jocky flights

Replacement Jocky Wilson Flights also available separately.

Datadart Jocky Wilson 95% 24g Steel Tip Darts

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