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Harrows Chizzy 80 26g Darts

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Harrows Chizzy 80 26g Darts

Harrows Chizzy 80 26g Darts – “Following the success of Dave ‘Chizzy’ Chisnall’s signature 90% dart which was released last year, we’re now introducing a Chizzy 80% tungsten range. Taking inspiration from his original dart, Chizzy’s 80% model is a 51mm parallel barrel, divided into three distinctive grip zones.”

A double shark grip covers the front and rear of the barrel and a flat double ringed grip completes the mid-section, ensuring consistent finger placement and release.

The barrel is finished with five vibrant coloured rings in Chizzy’s signature yellow.


Diameter – 7.4mm

Length – 51mm

Weight – 25g

Harrows Chizzy High Grade Alloy 21g Darts

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