Harrows Diva Dark 28g Darts

Harrows Diva Dark 28g Darts


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Harrows Diva Dark 28g Darts

85% Steel Tip Tungsten Darts.

These stunning barrels have undergone a vapour deposition process which creates an ultra tough non-slip finish.

Harrows Diva Darts – Super stylish, super chic with laser etched barrels.


  • Barrel: 85% Tungsten.
  • Flight: Diva.
  • Shaft: Supergrip Pink.
  • Extra: Slimpack Case.


  • Length: 45.90 mm.
  • Width: 7.80 mm.
  • Narrowest Point: 6.20 mm.
  • Widest Point: 7.80 mm.
  • Tungsten Content: 85%.

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