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Harrows Elite 21g 90% Tungsten Darts

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Harrows Elite 21g 90% Tungsten Darts

Harrows Elite 21g 90% Tungsten Darts – The barrels of Harrows’ Elite darts are hardened using a titanium nitride coating and are ergonomically re-cut to offer the player maximum traction without the loss of comfort whilst gripping the barrel. A set of colour co-ordinated, yellow and black Supergrip Fusion stems and Harrows Retina flights complete this superb 90% tungsten range, providing aerodynamic perfection.

Each set of Elite darts comes with a hard darts case that can hold up to one set of darts including accessories.


  • Barrels hardened with titanium nitride.
  • Ergonomic Barrels for maximum traction.
  • A set of Supergrip Fusion stems.
  • A set of Retina flights.


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