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Harrows Velos Jade Flights

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Harrows Velos Jade Flights

Harrows Velos Jade Flights – The new Velos flights have been created to give you less drag, more stability and maximum control to improve your game.

“After months of research and development we are proud to present Velos. The sole focus of this project was to achieve a flight shape with unrivalled aerodynamic performance. Through comprehensive analysis of rocket wing aerodynamics, we have succeeded. Tapered front wings, decreased wingspan and extended wing tips all contribute to creating the unique Velos shape. However, they have an equally important impact on the flight’s aerodynamic attributes.

Stability, flight path and flight speed are three aspects which new Velos flights address and improve.

The sophisticated design is produced on 100 micron material and is available in 6 eye-catching colour combinations.”

Velos, make the change.


  • Tapered Front Wings – To improve aerodynamic flight path & increase speed
  • Decreased Wingspan – To allow closer grouping
  • Extended Wing Tips – To increase stability
  • Centre of Pressure – Brought forward to improve balance
  • Same Surface Area – With improved performance
  • Less Drag – More stability, maximum control
  • Colour: Jade

Harrows Velos Jade Flights

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