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Target Carrera CX4 22g Darts

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Target Carrera CX4 22g Darts

Target Carrera CX4 22g Darts with Cortex Grip. Twelve months in design, Target has eliminated traditional radial grooves with their pioneering new Cortex grip. The milled cuts at the heart of Cortex are cut axially along the line of throw to enhance grip and guide when you need it, and promote release when you don’t.
The Carrera Azzurri Cortex dart comes complete with Target Pro Grip Blue Vision Shafts and Target Vision Flights. The barrels of these darts are match weighted to +/- 0.05g.


  • New Cortex Grip Technology.
  • 90% tungsten.
  • Vision Carrera Flights.
  • Target Pro Grip Blue Vision shafts.
  • Length: 50mm
  • Width: 6.40mm

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