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Target Pro Grip Spin Clear Dart Stems


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Target Pro Grip Spin Clear Dart Stems

Target Pro Grip Spin clear dart stems are a new addition to Target’s 2016 range of dart stems with 360 degrees, noise free rotating tops, manufactured with a high strength poly-carbonate material and with the ability to securely lock flights to the stem.


  • 360 degree Noise Free Rotating Top.
  • High Strength Poly-Carbonate Stem.
  • Securely Locks Flight to Stem.
  • Available in 3 different sizes:
    • Small: 31.0mm (excluding thread)
    • Intermediate: 38.0mm (excluding thread)
    • Medium: 48.0mm (excluding thread)
  • Available in three different colours: Black, Clear and White.

Target Pro Grip Spin Clear Dart Stems

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