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Unicorn James Wade Premier Phase 2 20g Darts

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Unicorn James Wade Premier Phase 2 20g Darts

Unicorn James Wade Premier Phase 2 20g Darts. Maestro Premier is the Elite grouping of Unicorn PDC Premier League players only a heartbeat away from World Champion status. The Premier League has taken the darts world by storm – and Unicorn’s Maestro Premier grouping are demanding the best to take them to the very top. This is what they use.

Why tungsten for darts? The UniBoffin explains:

Tungsten is Swedish for “heavy stone” and was well-named, being one of the densest substances known. The pure metal weighs around 19gms/cc, and although this reduces slightly when it is combined with small amounts of, eg, nickel to produce a more workable material, the resultant alloy will still be 50% denser than lead and maybe twice as dense as brass or steel.

Dart barrels in high percentage tungsten alloy can hence be far thinner for a given weight and length than ones made from more traditional materials, which obviously helps to avoid bed-blocking and allows three of them to nestle nicely in the treble 20 with room to spare. Another advantage here is tungsten´s exceptional hardness, which means those nestling barrels will be resistant to damage.

To improve on tungsten as a dart barrel material is theoretically possible (a case could be made for, eg, platinum/iridium at over 20gms/cc), but in practical terms it´s pretty much the ultimate!

James Wade. UK Open Champion 2011.


  • As used by James Wade.
  • Set contains 3 complete darts.
  • Icon Wallet.
  • Barrel designs as used by Maestros Premiers on TV.
  • Natural Tungsten.
  • Maestro Aluminium Shaft.
  • Guaranteed Weight Certified ±0.1g.
  • Engraved Unicorn Hallmark.


  • Length 53.00 mm.
  • Width 6.10 mm.
  • Narrowest Point 6.10 mm.
  • Widest Point 6.10 mm.
  • Tungsten Content 90%.

For More Information Visit:  Unicorn’s Website

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