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Winmau MvG Michael Van Gerwen Assault 22g

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Winmau MvG Michael Van Gerwen Assault 22g

Winmau MvG Michael Van Gerwen Assault 22g – Co-created with MvG Design from a shared passion for your performance, Assault darts maintain the integrity of MvG’s current grip location utilising balance and control developed over decades. Assault allow the most enthusiastic players to take full advantage of Winmau’s latest and most aggressive grip systems, providing exceptional handling on demand. Innovative construction is delivered through the optimised ring-grip profile and Onyx PvD Coating, finished with MvG’s signature subtle green styling – the mark of a winner.


22g: 6.35mm x 50.8mm

24g: 6.6mm x 50.8mm

26g: 7.15mm x 50.8mm

  • 90% Tungsten alloy
  • MvG Design Signature Nylon, Black & Silver Short Shafts
  • Prism alpha black, green & white chevron MvG Flights
  • Black High Tensile Points

Winmau Calibra 22g Darts






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