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Winmau Steve Beaton 24g Darts

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Winmau Steve Beaton 24g Darts

Winmau Steve Beaton 24g Darts. World Champion, Steve “The Bronzed Adonis” Beaton, designed these detailed gold and black ringed 90% tungsten darts to provide a perfectly weighted feel. These unique darts feature the Winmau Micro Grip and knurled points for the ultimate control. Help elevate your game to the level of a champion!


  • Steeltip darts.
  • Micro grip.
  • Knurled points.
  • Professional Level Winmau darts.
  • Andonised re-grooved shafts.
  • Rhino signature ´Steve Beaton´ flights 25% thicker for longer life.
  • Weight accurate to within 0.1 of a gram.

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