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Winmau Zagato S4 24g Steel Tip Darts

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Winmau Zagato S4 24g Steel Tip Darts

Winmau Zagato S4 24g Steel Tip Darts – These Zagato state-of-the-art darts are the most hi-tech and complex in Winmau’s collection!

They are perfectly balanced with a combination of high-powered performance and sleek design. These darts have enormous presence, perfect proportions and offer the finest C axis controlled precision machined finish, with stunning line structures. The end result is a dart of pure elegance, style and deadly accuracy. Professional Level Darts.


  • Pack contains 3 steel tip darts.
  • Equipped with Winmau Zagato Rhino Long Lasting Dart Flights.
  • Equipped with Laser Etched Aluminium Stems.


Winmau Zagato 24g Steel Tip Darts

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